This is a cumulative work of all my published and released songs over the decades. Amazingly enough, through all the life changes and loss I have managed to retain all of my lyrics and writing. Each album is shown with the original artwork and stories of what I was going through when I was doing each album. As well, each song is described for what it means to me, as many of them are pretty abstract if you don’t know what I am referring to. It’s taken me so long and so much to share this with you.

SunsingStar - Pangaia SunsingStar - CoronaVirus Blues SunsingStar - Something In Between

SunsingStar - Dollar And A Prayer SunsingStar - The Death Of Fear SunsingStar - Mark And Rita Ville

SunsingStar - Amathaema SunsingStar - A Little Bit Of Sunshine SunsingStar - Like You Know Me

SunsingStar - Never Fear SunsingStar - Time Between SunsingStar - High Society