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CoronaVirus BluesSunsingStar - CoronaVirus Blues Album
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Sunsing Lyrical Anthology: A Definitive Collection Of Sunsing Songs

Mark Daniel Hoskins

Sunsing Lyrical Anthology: A Definitive Collection Of Sunsing Songs
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In My Pocket

During the pandemic I found it important to engage in Social Dis Dancing, and I would ask passersby interesting questions to engage some kind of communication, because even though we are hiding behind a mask, we still need human interaction now more than before. So, one of my favorite questions was… What do you have in that little pocket in your jeans, you know, the teeny one inside the right side pocket. I always carry guitar picks in it, and call it the pick pocket. However I ended up with some pretty awesome responses, wrote them down and compiled them in the studio into what you see now. In a way this is my first crowd sourced song. I dedicate this one to Shel Silverstein who had a great way with words and had a part in the growth of my poetic talent. The last line, the flashlight, is for you my friend.

Released on the album CoronaVirus Blues ©2020

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I got a watch, got change
A couple condoms when I want to get laid
Couple Franklins when I just got paid
A pick when a guitar needs to be played

Carabiner when my ropes been frayed
Drill bits when something needs to be made
Kyanite crystals to make a good trade

A small pocket knife just in case
A spare key that I can replace
Kids boogers when they’re dripping down their face
A few quarters when I find a parking space

One last regret and all the hope I got left
A wedding ring from when I should of know best
A stone reminds me of a place that I’ve been
A hackysack for when I’m playing in the ring

My thumb when I’m walking up a hill
A bag that holds a couple pills
Dental floss for putting patches on my jeans
A handful of sand when I’m walking down the beach

Some toilet paper for when you really gotta go
A joint so I can get high before the show
A hair-tie for when the wind begins to blow
Two fingers when they got nowhere else to go

Essential oils a penny and a hole
A pair of chopsticks when ordering to go
Some old receipts because you never really know

A cinnamon stick to chew before you gonna kiss her
And some friendship cuz that’s what we really got here
And Oh, Yah don’t forget the lighter
A little pendant from a lover I remember

Some chunks of snow from playing in December
Flower petals from a picnic in the meadow
And a flashlight so I can see my shadow

That’s what I got in my pocket.