SunsingStar - Mark And Rita Ville

This album really took a lot of patience, love, travel, gigs, playing all over the place, pain, suffering, getting beat up for no reason, and bullshit. However, it also taught me a lot of things too, and I am happy to have this one under my belt. These songs are a culmination of a couple years being married to Rita, and pretty much touring constantly around the USA. Of course it all ended in a fiery finale. Yay. We learn from our mistakes I suppose. There are always good memories, and these are collected here. It’s been an important lesson for me to remember that even though some things are totally uncool, it’s not all uncool. Find the nice bits and make it better. Like Hey Jude. I just didn’t expect my partner to cheat on me, abuse me, constantly lie to me, and hid it so well for the years. And when I left her the last time, was the last time I let myself be abused.

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Sunsing Lyrical Anthology: A Definitive Collection Of Sunsing Songs

Mark Daniel Hoskins

Sunsing Lyrical Anthology: A Definitive Collection Of Sunsing Songs
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