SunsingStar - Virtue Is It's Own Reward

High SocietySunsingStar - High Society Album
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Sunsing Lyrical Anthology: A Definitive Collection Of Sunsing Songs

Mark Daniel Hoskins

Sunsing Lyrical Anthology: A Definitive Collection Of Sunsing Songs
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Virtue Is It's Own Reward

I wrote this one when Bill Clinton was President and there were several policies I did not agree with, and the way I could see it going with endless war, and the continued threat that is manufactured through media, corrupt government and corporate greed. Unfortunately this song remains true today with ICE concentration camps and abduction teams. We are blatantly allowing our youth to be morphed into a blind sighted society. The dumbing down of the nations is upon us. It all has been choreographed and scripted, the plot just needs one actor. You.

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Released on the album High Society ©2010


Peace is now a twisted dream 
Of self fulfillment, the American dream 
And deep within the bowels of the earth the rumbles rise 
The final acts of judgment on the human made demise

There’s a big red cloud above our heads lowing in from over seas 
Carrying spores of civil wars and sickness in its seeds
United by polluted goals, in sickness it succeeds 
The seven G’s shaking bloody hands with corporate greed

Well they’ve come to take our children far away from all the pain 
On railroad tracks to barbed wire fence 
And fill them full of shame
Be patriotic, proud and strong, a winner in the game 
Chained to a corporate penis well he’ll bring us all the way

The web of lies, growing eyes deep within the soil 
On lines of optic fibers buried far below the toil 
Sprouting roots like concrete shoots, blistering like a boil 
Scabrous sores of parasites forsaken, dumb and loyal

If virtue is its own reward then let the bastards feed
Feasting on the rabid flesh of radioactive seed.