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Sunsing Lyrical Anthology: A Definitive Collection Of Sunsing Songs

Mark Daniel Hoskins

Sunsing Lyrical Anthology: A Definitive Collection Of Sunsing Songs
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A Silent Remembrance

You probably haven't heard of Rachel Corrie. She was a good friend of mine and we spent a lot of time in Olympia among a wonderful group of friends in the early 90's. The last I heard from her was the day the plane flew to Rafah, Palestine in solidarity with the people. She helped the people to prevent Israel Defense Forces (IDF) from poisoning the last well, destroying the last medical facility at the home of a doctor, and bulldozing the neighborhood. She valiantly stood in front of the bulldozers and wore fluorescent clothing and spoke through a megaphone. She was run over, backed up in the treads, and run over again and killed by the bulldozer. Rachel Corrie is a modern day martyr. The IDF killed the doctor, raped his wife and daughters then killed them too. Poisoned the well and destroyed the last medical facility in Rafah... a place where canned food is a delicacy and walking to school is often deadly.

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Released on the album High Society ©2010


In the days we played 
The ways we made casual romance is a stance 
A perception between the lines
Reading the fine print of our circumstances 
A glance to something we never had a chance to be 
To see and be the dream 
I wrote the script with you 
I knew it before time had a name 
I dreamed the selfsame thing and it became our enjoyment
Rousting us up from bed, sleeping deeply

A love deeper than heaven makes a soul between my ribs 
Reality is what you make it
A grip on me so strong you can break it, take it and run
Another boundary to overcome on the horizon
Twenty years of boredom and it found me
Grounded me
Took me on a leap of faith and bound me
People die for the sanctuary 
You never heard of me but I thank you for the moment
And now we’ve grown up
Take the past behind us
Love haunts us with a vengeance  
A silent remembrance

Things to be and always stay 
There is no going away from eternity  
Our history is the scepter to guide us forward 
Riding against the waves, overcome and drown me  
Complacency is the easy way
The end of the tunnel, white light is all you see
Shrouded in hypocrisy
Open your eyes and drift away into the sunrise  

The fear consumes us
Love is innumerable
Count the ways and days
Time forgotten on the waves since we’ve spoken  
Drifting as we are shown 
To a future we would never have chosen
So similar in the past  
So familiar as we walk toward

Talk to me
It has been too long of silence 
I heard murmurs of your existence 
But I couldn’t believe them
Something gripped me after I saw you  
Panic stricken
Held beyond belief, grief was not an option 
An unspoken hunger for optimism
Illegal, and immoral
Something I cannot quarrel
The intent of winning holding sacred, keeping silent
Bring with you memory  
Things that have been, visions of a world so far away to me
Yet closer, I am a loser

Lost my mind to find my soul
In history is written our trail
The trial binds us in walls
Reality is lost  
Something fabricated makes the cost of living  
Burdening our very existence
Ease of living forsakes the masses

I love you more than all the hype
Time has brought us closer
A love we couldn’t foster matured us
Now I know the way 
Clearer than daylight it blinds me  

I am ignorant and humbled by the knowledge  
Jumbled thoughts persuade me to continue
Walking forward into the foggy horizon
Stumbling into a cloud overcomes me 
You are within me, and I welcome you forever  
Deeper than sex can walk, we have melted together  
Timeless we created a child before we knew it
Grew it to independence, and now it controls us

A love so strong we cannot explain it 
It talks in silence and I am captivated 
The future changes as it is created