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Sunsing Lyrical Anthology: A Definitive Collection Of Sunsing Songs

Mark Daniel Hoskins

Sunsing Lyrical Anthology: A Definitive Collection Of Sunsing Songs
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Nightengale And The Pearl

I was sitting at Macy's coffee in Flagstaff way back in 1992 and started this song with Toothless Donny who ended up being one of my best friends and we played in the Mother Earth’s Healing Circus together, So we struck up a conversation about how the nightingale has such a beautiful song because of that it is used by the rich to a life of boredom in the cage. I then wrote the second half, The Oyster And The Pearl, which is about a similar concept, where a grain of sand gets caught in an oyster causing it much grief. The natural protection is to create mother of pearl, and the resulting pearl is taken from the oyster, which would sound great except it's killed in the process. I look at this song as a metaphor for several things we are seeing in the world today, with world hunger, homelessness and poverty only continuing to rise, and profits booming for major corporations and the 1%. As well, the music industry takeover of live music through licensing and thievery.

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Released on the album High Society ©2010


We are free to be free in thought and desire 
But through action and speech we are chained to the throne 
Of a king who through royalty’s pity and scorn 
In cunning has snatched up our souls as his own

Like the nightingale we have been made entertainers
Wings clipped to prevent us from flying away
Caught up in cages of cement, steel and plaster 
To sing songs of sorrow for hierarchy's play

Oh, cry for the sun when the chill winds start blowing 
To ruffle your feathers and rattle your cage 
And cry for the servants, for food and for water 
Who mutter and whistle as they shackle your rage

This landscape you see, high on your perch 
High in the splendor of vanity’s hall 
Whispers of freedom, of flight without feathers 
Until down the castle wall to death will you fall.

One for all and all for one or none at all for everyone

And something got lost aside from the cost 
Of this fortune in blood on our hands 
Be we part of the problem or part of the whole 
The comforts we’ve gained is the birthright we’ve sold

Bought with our freedom, which is chained to our wrists 
And now shackles our souls in confusion 
For us to be peaceful these things we’ve been shown 
With no four walls to stop them the four winds have blown

Sorrow’s true beauty lays in soil and in sand 
Encased by the mother of pearl 
And the long years of soothing and smoothing this bit 
Has succeeded not in ceasing but increasing the grit

This grief manifested through beauty lays nested 
In the palms of the merchants of man 
To be slain for this jewel, ironic and cruel 
When the burden could be lifted as a gift to those same hands