SunsingStar - Obliteration Within A Dream

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Sunsing Lyrical Anthology: A Definitive Collection Of Sunsing Songs

Mark Daniel Hoskins

Sunsing Lyrical Anthology: A Definitive Collection Of Sunsing Songs
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Obliteration Within A Dream

How do I start here. This song has evolved over time and embodies a very important message. I wrote this in a couple minutes just overcome with the words, the flow and the feeling that needed to be portrayed. Even though over time the song has been refined into a different melodic version inspired by Stevie Wonder, the origin is important and is the hip hop positivity! 

Released on the album High Society ©2010


The time obliterates us
Asking only for your remembrance
Your sorrow and other tomorrow 
But they come and go … a day to reap a day to sow
The code chastises me into a memory 

Something I’ve been looking for,  looking for but not much more
Never found, sleeping safe and sound
Keep me hidden away, a thought for another day 
Keep it away from me, this is something 

It's a sudden remembrance day
How interprets the first glance 
Where every thought that perhaps, it's just an outline 
Accessible by people with credentials but not by me

I wandered and wondered but the casual thought 
Is just something that was not
A memory of that they’ve gone by 
Persecuted, nothing was done, nothing was said 

No remembrance for the life they’ve learned 
Everything they wanted, the dreams that they spared 
To all delays they shared, the stories they told

It’s all grown old, grown by the wayside or forgotten
Something you could never have tied down 
Because oh man, it didn’t happen

Like Johnny said, believing you will be saved 
Might say the ruling was some work. 
And some forgotten grave for a stake in place 
As planned by his dad ten years before 
That doesn’t constitute a marriage as sacred sacrifice  
All the throne and hold the fights my son, you are sanctified
Last night I had a dream
I can’t really put it into words but I will try

I remember… well I remember silence

As I meant something nothing maybe for the first time 
There was nothing around me nothing to guide me 
Nothing to push me or tell me or command me
For the first time in so long that I had nothing but myself   

But Johnny, take a bite from this really tasty Italian pasta 
I made myself just for your anniversary
Take a bite just for me.

And memories, is what happens when I shouldn’t 
What I know is what I couldn’t,  It has been possible 
I share the memories of the people that were me 
Times before me things that happened score me, 
Strain me make me something I don’t remember 
Something from a different place
Maybe I could refine what we know to be something 
Reveal something that could have stiffened like some reality 
And never thought of before but have and we are ready for it

Today it’s something that just shakes me 
Something redirects me 
Some kind of fabric connects me to everything else  
Testing the boundaries
Some calamity separates us
A way of placing the commotion 
A different angle of perception, intervention