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Sunsing Lyrical Anthology: A Definitive Collection Of Sunsing Songs

Mark Daniel Hoskins

Sunsing Lyrical Anthology: A Definitive Collection Of Sunsing Songs
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Our Story Grows

I wrote this song as my wife and I were driving around rural roads and beaches about the random things we saw or came to mind. It eventually stated rhyming and making some sense, and amazingly enough it's not a tragic love song completely without thinking about it, I just started writing and rhyming the first thing that came to mind, there are so many innuendos in here that it has every possibility of making everyone upset or laugh at once, combining fairy tale characters with real life scary monsters and scenarios.

Released on the album Pangaia ©2021


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To the lonely hearts that will never grow old
To the stories that have never been told
To the old houses all covered in mold
To the valley rivers carrying gold

To the little black sheep outside of the fold
And to the chicken that crossed the road
And the prince who was turned into a toad
That's the way our story grows

To the big old dicks that have never been blowed
And the poor guys who were born with a chode
The drunken driver who ran me off of the road
To the little kid who got stuck in a hole

To the push when you need to pull
To the humble man who became bold
And when you hear more than you need to know
That's the way our story grows

To the agate that got stuck on the shore
Being satisfied when you want some more
Hitting the ceiling when you're on the floor
That feeling when the thunder roars

And for the guy who busted out my back door
And that tramp that turned into a whore
That little scratch that turned into a sore
And the yacht that was pushed ashore

To that old broken down linoleum floor
And the rain when it begins to pour
The back road that turned into a corridor
That's the way our story grows

To the ship sitting on the ocean bottom
And the food thrown away
because they thought it's rotten
And the simple things we turn into a problem
Or the basic needs because you just ain't got them

To the welfare lines that are just getting longer
And the trying times that make us stronger
And the staying still when you want to wander
That's the way our story grows

To the loving smile when your heart is breaking
And the shoulder to lean on when your legs are shaking
And the empty spaces when the Earth starts quaking
The leaves quivering as the rake starts raking

All the miles left you need to drive
And the bee that turned into a beehive
And the simple glory of just being alive
That's the way our story grows