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Sunsing Lyrical Anthology: A Definitive Collection Of Sunsing Songs

Mark Daniel Hoskins

Sunsing Lyrical Anthology: A Definitive Collection Of Sunsing Songs
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Eventually the four parts of the Pangaia Series will be represented as a play and dance. Pangaia is the fourth part which tells the entire story, Feral (Symphony One), Symphony For Joy and Celebration of Life the first three parts. The story goes as such.  Pan, which is represented as Nature, and Gaia who is the Mother Earth, are in love. They have always been lovers, but through time Man has lost his Nature, and Pan dies. Gaia eventually dies as well, and Man must learn to love with the help of Woman. All of the flora and fauna come together to rebuild into the new Heaven and new Earth, and a renewal of Love.

Released on the album Pangaia ©2021


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Chords :  C Em Am F – Dm G

Old and forgotten, Pan dies
Leaving man his place
Without direct elder consultation man finds a loss
Needing strength and wisdom he turns to his brothers

Gaia is old and remains to nurture
To teach the ways to her daughters
In her age she cannot sustain the need
Her kin are so many with little direction
They take to learning amongst themselves

Without Pan, the generations of man find a strength within
The inspiration and yearning to realize
That which was not taught to them
Which in many is overplayed and misconstrued as ego
Leading man to abandonment of Gaia and confusion

Woman feels the longing Gaia has for Pan and represent to man
A humble and nurturing presence
In generations men take this for granted and abuse
With the aid of Gaia, woman continues to nurture.

In few men is love and willingness to nurture their kin
In generations
Man becomes distant from woman
In ritual and devotion
Man becomes closer to his brothers
Woman finds that same closeness in her sisters

Without Pan man cannot achieve his full potential
And turns to woman to teach him the ways
Well known by woman She teaches
In generations Man learns to listen

 Gaia is frail after ages of nourishment
Needing the help of her generations to sustain life
All of creation mimics this desperation
And man in haste over harvests the bounty

Few know the root of their feelings
And take to teaching in urgency
Those without the knowledge continue to plunder
Leading to the death of Gaia

In mourning all creation comes closer
With no elder for guidance man and woman turn to nature
Resulting in the renewal of love amongst themselves
Bringing realization of the love
That spark sustains creation